his is the official website of Goswin von Mallinckrodt, painter and illustrator, among other things. You are heartily welcome to walk into the world of my works and to discover its variety of styles and genres. Explore the different parts of this website, like the pictures on Explore my Work, my Current Updates, the Shopping section and my Painting Courses or subscribe to the Newsletter Service to receive updates about my new expositions, courses and projects.


I started drawing at the age of eight, creating my own little comics set in medieval times. Later I studied painting and history of art in Milan and Florence. Now I run my own painting courses in Germany and Majorca. Places where my paintings have been exhibited include Frankfurt, London and New York.


Commissions are taken on for illustrations, murals, portraits, logos, storyboards, etc. You will also find still lifes, landscapes, nudes as well as Christmas cards on this website.


As you will see, my work includes mythological Fantasy illustrations as well as paintings with pure contemporary settings styled in a more minimalist, sometimes 'cinematographic' way. Surreal elements are also present in my pictures, often created by the interaction between symbols of the modern, archaic, and natural world.


What you will see on this website was born out of an inner joy and desire for creativity, most often expressed by spontaneous sketches and drawings that have in some cases developed towards an accomplished piece of work. I am always driven by the need for a personal realisation of my inspirations and ideas beyond a simple imitation of nature. As a great poet once wrote, life imitates art far more than art imitates life…


Welcome to my website!




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